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Durga Puja and Dussera Celeberation
  Posted on Saturday 23rd August, 2014
  Dussera will be celeberated in the School on 04 Oct 2014, Saturday...
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Welcome to Chhatrapati Shivaji Ser Sec School

Chhatarpati Shivaji Senior Secondry School  is backed by well educated and committed personalities who believe in quality oriented teaching to help the students gain better education in its realistic sense. To strength its belief in quality education, highly qualified, experienced and devoted teachers have been appointed to take care of the educational need of each and every student.

The missions of the school′s to craft better citizens for meeting tomorrows requirement. Therefore every teacher feels that teaching is a learning process in its entirety. We the teaching and non-teaching members, do hereby state that we shall endeavor to excel in our vested duties and responsibilities to bring up the children to the requirement of the 21st century by enriching the students knowledge to a required level.

The management of Shivaji Senior Secondary School hereby commits its full support to steer the ship of Chhatarpati Shivaji Group of Education to become a symbol of true educational institution of the country, by ensuring each and every teaching and non-teaching staff of the institution to discharge duties entrusted. We would never compromise with quality education.

We the members of Chhatarpati Shivaji Senior Secondry School  believe that education should be an ongoing learning process based on modern techniques, which gives a sound basis for total development of a child vertically, and horizontally.

Apart from striving to keep high standard in curricular education, the school ensures to inculcate in the students certain profound values of life, and high moral and ethical standards. We believe strongly that to develop healthy and integrated personalities and to lead a meaningful life, all this is required.

The man without education shrinks to the level of biological entity and he becomes man only when he is truly educated. So we strive hard to make every child a true human being endowned with all qualities and abilities. The love and affection with due care makes every student of our school feel a home away from home and thus school becomes a temple of true education.


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Chattarpati Shivaji Senior Secondary School will be a place where students prepare for a successful and fulfilling life in the globally competitive technological world of the 21st century.   To develop a good physique we provide open air  environment  with opportunities  to climb  jump in our care.  To develop good habits we provide necessary encouragement.  To  develop  sociability – your  wards cab get guidance  to express, understand  and accept  through painting  music sports and extra curricular activities.  Our stress is on develop the child  to express  his thoughts.

Chattarpati Shivaji Senior Secondry School , in partnership with parents and the community, provides a quality education with within a caring and secure environment for all students.   The aims and objectives of this school are to provide education by encouraging academic excellence and to create ample opportunities for the all-round development of students.    The School strives to stimulate creative thoughts in children and teaches them the values of caring so that they become worthy and responsible citizens.

          We have chosen to be middle level educators, for we recognize that the years of early adolescence are pivotal and abound with individual potential and opportunity. Therefore, we will care for these students personally, listen to their voices, respect their concerns, and engage them in meaningful educational experiences that will prepare them for a promising future.  We believe that every young adolescent has the capacity to learn, grow, and develop into a knowledgeable, reflective, caring, ethical, and contributing citizen.

For more details, contact at:
+91 07442502124
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